Rachel Watt is a full-time member of the ACRE team and is the visionary behind ACRE Dogs - a sanctuary that houses and re-homes stray dogs and their litters.

Guests can lend a hand at the sanctuary to help with the rehabilitation and socialization of animals, with more than a few people bringing home a new fur-baby after their visit to ACRE

animal sanctuary

In addition to ACRE Dogs, an animal sanctuary that’s home to lovable donkeys, mercurial miniature Pygmy goats, free-roaming peacocks and more.

Animal-guest interactions are encouraged and guaranteed to delight. 

Visit our animals at the Sanctuary located behind the Mango Orchard daily from 8am to 5pm, where Claudia and her team will gladly introduce you to the family.


The ACRE Academy is an amenity designed exclusively for Acre Villa Owners. The goal of ACRE Academy is to cultivate presence through activities and education that bring us back to a place of authentic creativity and a renewed sense of aliveness. 

We believe that art and movement are great catalysts for personal growth and presence. 

With initial dedicated classes on topics such as painting, sculpture, crafting and photography, it’s our hope to inspire connection and creativity for attendees. 

Movement workshops will include yoga, pilates, meditation and HIIT workouts. Additionally, participants are encouraged to share their own knowledge on any given topic they feel would be of value.