Acre, a tranquil haven, is now home to a charming duck family of Domestic Muscovy ducks. The couple, Patricio and Pati, arrived separately, each with a unique story. Patricio was brought to Acre by Angel, a kind-hearted soul who found him wandering on the streets of Cabo. Meanwhile, Pati was rescued by Antonio, the Animalitos Manager, after being discovered in a similar plight on the streets of Cabo as well.

Together, Patricio and Pati have formed a loving bond and recently became proud parents to nine adorable ducklings, who are now approximately three months old. You can spot this feathered family leisurely wandering around Acre’s premises, enjoying the serenity of their new home.

The heartwarming tale of how Patricio and Pati found their way to Acre has touched the hearts of visitors and staff alike. These ducks have become an integral part of the sanctuary’s ecosystem, adding to the overall charm and tranquility of the place.

When you encounter them during your visit, don’t forget to say hello to this delightful duck family, but do watch your step. The free-roaming nature of the ducklings might lead to some unexpected traffic along Acre’s tranquil trails.

Let’s celebrate the heartwarming arrival of Acre’s new duck family and cherish the moments spent in their delightful company at this beautiful sanctuary. With their presence, Patricio, Pati, and their ducklings have truly enriched the ambiance of Acre, making it an even more magical and captivating place to visit.